When Working Out and Working It was started in 2011, it was an Instagram page to help chronicle my own weight loss and fitness journey. Seven years later it has become so much more to me, and hopefully more to my followers. I get strength knowing that my journey and openness inspires others to reach their goals.

Working Out and Working It has given me so to look forward to every day and I hope given others something to look forward to daily. As my blog, personal brand, and personal life has evolved, it’s helped me to focus what I want Working Out and Working It to be in a broader sense. I want to help people lead their most passionate life in bodies they can be proud of.

My goal is to work towards building a business and community focused on helping people who may have lost their glow and passion for life find it again. I truly believe that physical health is directly tied to mental health and passion for life. By working on a body we can be proud of we can work on focusing our life’s passion towards things that make you glow from the inside out.

Please stick, and click, around my site to read what’s on my mind, what I’ve been Instagramming, and generally what’s happening with me on my way to living a life I am passionate about in a body I am proud of!

Please feel free to get in touch via this link or leave a comment on a post or Instagram photo if you have questions about my business or life philosophy or just want to say HI.


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